Weddings Venues

It's luxury to have space to choose your scene within the 62 acres of the Maritim estate to say 'Yes, I do!'

An exceptional and unique array of exclusive venues awaits you:

• On your favourite spot on the beachside • At the wedding gazebo on the beach overlooking the lagoon of 'Turtle Bay' • On a boat or on the jetty • In the location of your choice amongst the 62 acres of tropical garden of the Maritim estate • Under one of our century-old banyan trees • In front of the 'Historical Ruins of Balaclava' dating from the 18th century • At the magnificent 'Château Mon Désir' a colonial style mansion overlooking the ruins, on its 'English Garden' with a fountain or on its veranda • In front of the waterfalls of the 'Citron' river

Be spoilt for choice... whether you want to get married feet in the sand, on the Indian Ocean, in the tropical gardens or in an historic setting.